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After School Programs Have Many Benefits

The society in which children grow up demands that they have a solid foundation in everything. A textbook education is not enough for your child's development. The age of specialization is upon us, and your child cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Look for the most advantageous after school programs in your area, and enroll them in those that you think are the most suitable. 

The aim of after school programs is to develop talents and skills that are ignored by regular schools. There are many types of after school programs available, including educational and recreational ones. No matter what type of child you have, the goal is to keep them active and interested.  

The most significant advantage of an after school program is that it expands your child's interests. There are many things that he or she is exposed to, sometimes interesting, sometimes challenging. Having mastered a new skill or art form increases a child's self-esteem. It also opens up new career options for your child. Taking a music class may lead a child to decide to pursue a career in music.

A key benefit of after school programs is the ability to socialize. 

By meeting other children with similar interests, children form new friendships. It can be a lot of fun to take an acting class or join a soccer team. In many of these after school programs, children are coached for athletic games or performances. Playing sports or performing on stage can provide a child with a life-changing experience.

You can keep your teenager busy with after school programs. This protects him or her from destructive habits like alcohol and drugs. Children who are kept busy through diverse activities are less likely to abuse, suffer depression, or burnout. As a result of effective after school programs, students' achievement and attendance increase, and dropout rates are reduced.

The majority of after school programs involve children interacting with adults. Their relationships with adults become more positive as a result. It is often difficult for children to confide in their parents and teachers, but they may be more willing to speak openly with other adults. 

After school recreational programs are often used to keep children healthy and lose weight. Approximately 15% of children under the age of 16 are obese, according to recent research. Sports and games can help parents if their children can't follow a strict diet. In light of the increasing prevalence of child diabetes, many after school programs are focusing on this issue. 

After school programs offer many benefits. Children are kept busy and entertained, so they don't become addicted to TVs and PCs. Providing an outlet for excess energy and opportunities for creative expression help shape the overall personality of the child.

We are the Cambridge Youth Commission and we offer a Recreational After School Program for all children in Kindergarten-6th grade.  And with the program running until 5:30 pm, it's the perfect way to keep kids busy until parents get home from work. 

This is a great opportunity for your child to have some fun after school and make new friends. 

There are many activities to choose from, including board games, marker spaces, reading nooks, toys, crafts, and Apple computers. The gym is a convenient place to play sports and engage in large movements. Durrin Park is our favorite place to play outdoors, when the weather allows.

So sign up today and let your child have some fun at the CYC After School Program!  


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