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Cambridge Youth Department

The Mission of the Cambridge Youth Commission is to initiate and maintain positive change in the community and its youth through the development and promotion of positive youth-oriented programs that provide opportunities for healthy growth and development including: service opportunities, physical activity, self-esteem building and community involvement, and to better prepare youth to become responsible active citizens.

We strive to empower youth to find their strength, giving them the ability to say to no to drug and alcohol use. Everyone understands the consequences of negative behavior; not all youth recognize they have a choice. Giving a young person a choice means giving them power, which is why CYC focuses on how youngsters can use their knowledge through the power of choice and influence so that young people are able to withstand traditional peer pressure.

Children during Winter posing for camera with snow - After School Recreation
Kids playing with wooden city model toys at Cambridge NY Youth Department

After-School Recreation

The Village of Cambridge Youth After-School Recreation Program provides local parents a safe, affordable, convenient, peace-of-mind recreation alternative for after school activities. We provide children ages 4-12 with supervised, unstructured recreation which stimulates the imagination through games, reading, arts and crafts, and computers, as well as opportunities for more active indoor and outdoor play.


Summer Day Camp

Welcome to the Cambridge Valley Summer Day Camp at Lake Lauderdale for children entering grades Pre-K to 8 th! The Morning Enrichment portion of our day is funded through donations from the local municipalities. Their generosity has made it possible for us to offer the Morning Enrichment for free to a limited number of campers from each municipality. It’s first come, first served! Upon registering, you will be informed if you are among the free campers. We’re looking forward to a great summer of swimming, arts & crafts, games, and fun!

The Summer Day Camp provides local parents of children ages 4-14 with a more structured learning environment where campers learn such things as basic water safety and swimming. There are many benefits in learning to swim, and people get pleasure from the ability throughout childhood and into adulthood. Not only is it great for their health, but it could one day save their life too.

Cambridge Youth Commission Summer Day Camp and Swim Program at Lake Lauderdale

Can I still sign my child up for the after school program?

Yes, we take registrations throughout the year.

I don't live in the Village - can my child participate in the after school program?

Are there opportunities to participate for those who cannot afford enrollment fees?

We don't completely vaccinate. Can my child still participate in the afterschool and summer camp programs?

What is the staff to child ratio in your programs?

Does the staff walk the kids from school to the youth center?

If my child stays after school for a club or support room, can they still attend the after school program?