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Village of Cambridge, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request birth or death certificates electronically?

At this time we cannot receive requests electronically, as payment needs to be made by check or money order.  

How long does it take to receive a birth or death certificate by mail?

Can you overnight the document to me?

Can my parents obtain my birth certificate for me?

I need a change made to my birth certificate. Can you do it for me?

I need a tax receipt for my paid taxes. How can I get another copy?

Can I use the Gazebo or Have A Parade?

How do I get a hunting or fishing license?

What Do I Get For My Village Taxes?

Fire Protection

While the fire department does a lot of fund raising, the volunteer department can't do it alone, so the village plays a critical role keeping a properly equipped department always at the ready.  The village owns the firehouse and pays for the utilities, the village purchases every other fire truck, administers the fire contracts with the neighboring towns, and pays for the water that keeps the hydrants throughout the village at the ready.

Police Protection

The Village is a safe place to live and work due in large part to our dedicated local police force.  Our department is well trained and assists with programs beyond the village, such as the Washington County drug task force (for which the village receives reimbursement for services provide outside the village). The village has a shared services agreement with the Village of Greenwich, which lowers costs to both villages by splitting the cost of the Police Chief and Sergeant, and their vehicles.  In addition Cambridge officers are assisted by Greenwich officers and vice versa, with a detailed accounting that keeps the hours between the villages balanced to within minutes each month.

Public Works

The Village DPW accomplishes a tremendous amount of work with a relatively small staff. Residents can take advantage of leaf and debris pick-up each year, help themselves to free mulch, have sidewalks cleared within hours of a snow storm (when we actually get snow), and have the streets nearly continually maintained through all seasons of the year. Failing sections of sidewalk are replaced every year, storm drains are kept clear, and many other tasks are completed to keep the Village running smoothly.

Historical Records
The Village maintains a collection of historical records and allows a means of access for the public to research the history of the village and/or their families.

Street Lighting

The Village pays the electric bill for all the street lights that help you walk home at night in the dark and add to the safety and security of our many streets and sidewalks.

Youth Program

The Village Youth Department provides after school programs as well as a summer program for both village and neighboring residents. These programs are offered at a reduced or no cost to village residents.


The Village administers the funding for purchases of new books and materials by the library.

Community Revitalization

The village administers and contributes matching funds to many grants that help improve the quality of life in the village - for example the playground next to the skate park, the freight yard project, and the Main Street improvements project.