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Village of Cambridge, NY

Police Department (518) 677-3044
In Case of Emergency DIAL 911
Our Police Department
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Crime in the Village is investigated by your Police Department, with the assistance of County, State, or Federal resources as necessary.

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DWI Enforcement
 The safety of our Village roads is paramount and we do not tolerate speeding or impaired driving.

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 Community Policing

We take the safety and security of all of our residents personally, and treat it as a cooperative effort between Citizens and Village Government.

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Our Officers attend accredited Police Academies and undertake additional professional development opportunities in order to maintain proficiency and keep up to date on the latest tips, technology and techniques.
I went to the Police Department and there was no one there! How do I see a Police Officer?

Call the Police Station number (518) 677-3044 it will roll over to central dispatch, who will then dispatch a car to meet you.

I have a fix-it ticket, how do I get this taken care of?

Fix your vehicle, and then either a police officer or the servicing mechanic can sign off on it. Then mail it in per the instructions on your ticket.

Can I file a complaint?

Any complaints or concerns can be sent to Sergeant Robert Danko at, or any other village official.

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Police Department Medication Drop Box

Medication Drop Box

Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs - It's The Law

Abuse of prescription drugs is a major public health problem in New York State. The New York State Medication Drop Box Program expands the options currently available for households to dispose of discontinued, expired or unwanted medications in a manner that considers public health, as well as the environment.

The box is currently in the lobby of the Cambridge Police Station located at 56 North Park Street and maybe accessed by the public anytime day or night when an Officer is in attendance. If no officer is in attendance, simply go to Village Clerk's Office during normal business hours and they will escort you to the box.

Police Sergeant Danko requests that all residents check on their neighbors to make sure they are alright. If you notice mail building up or a local business that doesn't see a customer who normally comes in on a regular basis, call or have someone check on them. We live in a small community we should be looking out for our neighbors.
Village of Cambridge NY Police Sergeant Danko
Police Badge Cambridge-Greenwich Police Department

2021 Cambridge-Greenwich Police Force

Danko, Robert
Moses, Michael
P/T Corporal
Davis-Flynn, Christopher
F/T Patrol
Gauthier, Austin
F/T Patrol
Cooney, Kimberly
P/T Patrol
Akin, Christopher
P/T Patrol
Griffin, Stephen
P/T Patrol
Haviland, Kenneth
P/T Patrol
Sullivan, Robert
P/T Patrol
D'Ambro, Michael
P/T Patrol
Barber, Lance
P/T Patrol
Buell, Ryan
P/T Patrol
Woodworth, Joshua
P/T Patrol
Webster, William
P/T Patrol
Saunders, Ryan
P/T Patrol
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