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10 Tips When Traveling by Automobile with Children

With the rising expenses of air travels and the increasing time it takes to survive security at the airports; a growing number of families are choosing to travel by car for their vacation. Most of us with children are returning to the days we grew up in where we took a trip to most locations by automobile with our moms and dads. We began asking other good friends for how they make the journey go easier and how they beat the "Are we there yets?", here's 10 suggestions to assist your automobile vacation go a lot easier: 

1. Decide if your kids do better in the early morning or night hours for traveling? Which ever it is, plan your travel to match. For us, our kids do not travel well in the early morning. They do better if we leave after 2:00 pm and take a trip into the night.

2. Stock your vehicle with preferred pre-bagged snacks for everyone, even parents, a cooler with great deals of water and favorite drinks, colored pencils, crayons, a couple of coloring books, sticker books, travel video games, and a travel journal for older kids. 

3. Bring video games, individual mobile devices (even for little kids), and you can get audio books from the library. 

4. Do consider a portable DVD player. Mobile data can be costly and does not work everywhere. This makes a 5 or 6 hour day seem like 2 hours. It likewise cuts a lot of the unnecessary stops as the kids are involved with the film playing. 

5. Prevent the difficulty of hauling in a suitcase for every person into a hotel for the 1 night stops. Pack a 3 day bag into which everyone contributes 3 days worth of clothing. This way you take one suitcase of clothes in every three days.

6. Do pack a lightweight table cloth for outdoor lunch stops along the way. 

7. Make sure to have adequate memory on your phone/ digital camera. You'll be creating life time memories. 

8. Do get postcards from every major location along the way. 

9. All kids are different but in general do not drive as far as the adults can go in one day. Attempt to keep automobile travel to a 6 to 8 hour range of time. 

10. Do not fill the inside of the car to the brim, triggering less space for the kids, rather think about a car topper for safe keeping of your valuables. 

Have a terrific family vacation.


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