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Funding for this project is provided by NYS Department of Conservation Climate Smart Communities Program.
Shaping the Future of Cambridge Streets

Welcome to the Complete Streets Implementation Plan and Policy project! Initiated in November 2023 by the Village of Cambridge, our mission is to design our community for everyone. Whether you walk, bike, drive, or take transit, our initiative aims to make the streets safer and more convenient for all.

The interactive map is now closed. Thanks for your input and feedback!

Seeking your valuable input!

The purpose of the Cambridge Complete Streets interactive map is to gather feedback from individuals who are unable to attend the public meeting. We want to hear from you! The Cambridge Complete Streets map needs your input. Visit the map and share your thoughts now.


Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, regardless of their mode of transportation. Be it pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, or transit riders of all ages and abilities.

Village of Cambridge, NY Main Street sidewalk with two people walking, surrounded by yellow leaves.

Our streets should be a reflection of our community's values, vision, and priorities. When streets are safe and convenient, people are more likely to use public transportation, walk, or bicycle. This reduces congestion, creates healthier habits, and fosters a stronger sense of community.

Village of Cambridge, NY corner of Main Street and Washington Street with a view of a red brick building with a sidewalk in front of it. There are a few cars parked along the street and an American flag hanging from a pole.


Improving Safety For All Street Users 

One of the core goals of the Complete Streets Implementation Plan and Policy is to enhance the safety of all road users in the Village of Cambridge with an emphasis on the most vulnerable - pedestrians, cyclists, and individuals with disabilities.

Too often, traditional street design places motorized vehicles at the center, with other users as an afterthought.

Every person is a pedestrian at some point in their journey, whether crossing a street or walking to a car parked away from their final destination.

Encouraging Healthy, Active Living

By creating safer and more accessible transportation networks, we are creating an invitation for our residents to be active and engage with the environment around them.

The village streets should be welcoming to runners, provide safe routes for children to bike to school, and encourage seniors to take daily walks.

By making active transportation like walking and biking safer and more accessible, one goal is to reduce sedentary lifestyles and the health risks associated with them.

Supporting Local Economies

Streets designed with the Complete Streets principles in mind can be vibrant spaces that attract consumers, promote foot traffic, and bolster local businesses.

Well-designed, walkable streetscapes serve as the backbone of bustling commercial districts, encouraging residents and visitors alike to shop local.

When streets are safe, clean, and easy-to-navigate, local businesses can leverage these aspects to attract customers, thereby boosting their revenue.

Enhancing Community Character And Life Quality

By creating safer and more enjoyable streets that are walkable, bikeable, and accessible to all modes of transportation, we're enhancing the livability of Cambridge.

A village with safe and accessible streets allows for spontaneous interactions, encourages communal activities such as public markets or festivals, and fosters a vibrant public life.

Moreover, realizing these improvements boosts the sense of social equity, as people from all walks of life have equal access to and benefit from public streets.

Get Involved 

Steering Committee members will guide the development of the Complete Streets Plan and
Policy. The Committee will be assisted in the planning process by a consultant team led by
LaBella Associates. Be a part of shaping the Complete Streets Implementation Plan and Policy by joining our public meetings, providing feedback, and participating in community outreach events.

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Together, let's create streets for everyone!
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