Village Of Cambridge NY

Cambridge, New York Police Department
Reform and Reinvention Collaborative

Cambridge Greenwich Police Badge

Sergeant Robert Danko
​​​​​​​January 2021

I Live In:

78% The Village of Cambridge, NY
22% I Don't Live In The Village of Cambridge, NY

What is your overall opinion about the Cambridge Police Department?

51%  Very Positive
20%  Somewhat Positive
15%  Neutral
14%  Somewhat Negative
0%    Very Negative

How do you rate the job our Police Department is doing?

 38%   Excellent
30%  Good

23%  Neutral
9%    Poor
0%    Very Poor

How do you rate the level of police presence in our Village?

62%  We need more police presence in the Village
30%  We have Just the right amount of police presence here
8%    We need less police presence in the Village

Do you think that it’s important for our Village to continue to have a local Police Department?

82%  Yes
18%  No

Does this statement reflect your feelings? “I feel safer knowing that our Village Police Department is on duty.”

63%  Yes
20%  Neutral
17%  No

What are the two most important reasons that we need a local Police Department ?

32%  Traffic Control
47%  Crime Prevention
29%  Community Policing
30%  Keeping An Eye On Activities In The Village
45%  Community Protection
18%  Community Event Duty 

How often have you interacted with a Police Officer in the Village?

6%   Often
8%   Regularly
76% Once In A While
9%   Never

What is the most positive interaction you’ve had with a local Police Officer?

If you have a problem, how likely are you to call the Village Police Department for help?

52%  Definitely
35%  Possibly
8%    Not Likely
5%    Never

Why did you answer this way?

In what areas do you think our local Police Officers need more training in order to be more effective?
6%     Public Safety
41%   De-escalation Techniques
26%   Community Policing
44%   Mental Health
38%   Substance Abuse
27%   Demonstrations and Protests
29%   Citizen's Rights
23%   Interacting with Residents
23%   Race Relationships
42%   Bias, including unconscious bias
21%   None

Other Training: