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After School Recreation Registration

Please Review ALL Policies listed Below!

The After School Recreation Program is available for all children, K-6th grade and will be held at the
Cambridge Youth Center (corner of South Park St & Ave B),12 South Park St. Monday-Friday. Afterschool till 5:30 pm.  We follow the Cambridge School District Calendar. 

Children will be met by CYC staff at the end of the school day in the agreed upon location and will walk with CYC staff, as a group, to the center.  Please refer to the Hanbook for policies as you will be required to sign-off on it. Be sure to let your child’s teacher know that they will be attending CYC on what schedule, we have 3 options available and listed below.

The CYC Afterschool program is a program that focuses on Recreation. Your child will be given down
time to do their homework if they choose as well as a space to do it in. There are many activities,
board games, maker space, reading nook, toys, crafts, Apple computers, sports, and large movement
activities in the gym. When weather permits, we will play outside, go to Durrin Park or travel to the CCS playground.

Cost: The cost is $15 per day all children can be picked up any time after they arrive, final pickup is 5:30 pm. This is a drop-in program and parents are billed at the end of the month for the days attended.  You will receive an invoice monthly from Square.  You may print this and pay with cash or check delivered to the Community Center (remember to subtract the Square fee from the invoice) or Pay for a fee online. Failure to pay will result in removal from the program.  A late fee of $3 for evey 15 mins past 5:30 pm will be assessed after the third incident. 

Care Options:
Full Time:
Your Child will be attending CYC daily Monday-Friday.  You will inform the school at the beginning of the year they will attend daily.  If you need to change your care to another options (walker, pickup, bus) You will send a note in to your child's teacher, and email CYC to inform of the change.

Part Time: Your child will attend consistently on a Part Time basis.  This would be the same days weekly.  For example (Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Monday, Tuesday) If the days are not everyday but will remain consistent you will choose part time care. You will inform the school at the beginning of the year what days they will attend.  If you need to change your care options you will send a note to your child's teacher, and email to inform CYC of the change. 

Drop In: Your child will only attend occasionally or sporadically as you need.  You will send a note into school to inform your child's teacher when they will be attending CYC weekly.  Please also email CYC leadership to inform us of when your child will be in attendance. 

Schedule-We follow the Cambridge Central School academic calendar.  Will will be closed on all of the same days & vacations.  Typical Hours- Monday-Friday, Afterschool-5:30PM.  We do NOT provide care on CCS half days. 

Pick-up Policy – Please remain on the back porch and ring the doorbell. Staff will bring your child out to you, along with the sign-out sheet. If a child is picked up after 5:30pm, an additional fee of $3/day will be added to each additional late pick-up during the month. We ask that you provide any authorized pick ups, so we can check ID against anyone we do not recognize. 

Clubs & Afterschool-
If your child is involved in support rooms and clubs, staff will be available to pick-up any children that stayed, please inform the Director/Assistant Director 24 hours in advance.
Closings – If CCS is closed, the After School Recreation Program will be closed. If CCS dismisses early
due to inclement weather, we will be closed. Follow the Cambridge Youth Commission on Facebook
for closings and other announcements. We do NOT have care on CCS halfdays

All students must be registered to attend. We will continue to remain flexible as always to help the
community and their needs.

COVID-19 & Sick Policies- Please continue to remain diligent and do not send your sick children to program.  If you child presents sick during afterschool we will contact you and send your child home.  They will be given a place to rest at the Community Center until then.  Policies will be updated when and if we receive guidance from the State and school.

Opt Out Policy:
Pictures and videos will be taken throughout your youth’s time at CYC. These pictures will only be used for media in connection with CYC. If you do not wish to have their picture or video taken please submit a written opt out to the CYC Director, Emily Jenkins either in person or at before your child starts the program.

Contact Emily Jenkins, CYC Director, with questions or for more information –
Email:  Phone:518-926-0831
Director On-Site: Jolene Bauscher

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